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Red Sox star Dom DiMaggio's wake, funeral to be in Wellesley

Dom DiMaggio, a 7-time All Star for the Sox and brother to former major leaguers Joe and Vince,  has died at the age of 92 in Marion, Mass. His wake will take place in Wellesley on Sunday and funeral in Wellesley on Monday.


Why Wellesley? “The Little Professor” (shown second from left) married a Wellesley gal named Emily Frederick. David Halberstam wrote in his book “The Teammates” that DiMaggio was a shy sort around women, but wound up paying Emily a visit with an autographed team ball. “He and a friend subsequently drove out to Wellesley. Emily turned out to be even prettier and more vivacious than he remembered. He [DiMaggio] recalled thinking, ‘She’s not going to get away from me.'”

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