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Mass Hort to charge $5 to view Elm Bank gardens

2006julaug 015_optThe black aluminum fence went up at Elm Bank Reservation on the Wellesley/Natick/Dover lines a few years back as part of a grand scheme to keep loose dogs from chewing up its gardens and to charge park goers a fee that would help turn around MassHort’s rough financial situation.  However, it is only as of this month that MassHort has announced  it will actually begin charging visitors $5 to look at its gardens.

“The admission charge for non-members has been discussed for an extended period,” according to Business Manager Peter Sigrist. “The trustees weighed the matter carefully and determined that an admission charge would provide revenue to both maintain and improve the gardens. They also felt that, by charging admission, MassHort would create a level of respect for the property that has been lacking in some visitors.”

MassHort members will only need to show their cards to waive the fee, and those with memberships at other local gardens will also have fees waived. Admission will be collected at the former Flora store at the visitor’s parking lot.

Separately, we’ve announced that you can view beautiful dandelions for free in our nearby yard.

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