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Would you want your name on Wellesley’s Rte. 9/16 bridge?

Rte. 16/9 bridge in Wellesley MA

Congratulations, we think, to Wellesley attorney and ex-state senator David Locke, who will be honored with the dedication of the Rte. 9/16 bridge on Friday at 1pm at a ceremony expected to be attended by US Sen. Scott Brown as well as state and local officials.

To put a good spin on it, the bridge stands for endurance, having taken 7 years to gussy up after a contractor went belly up and every other possible excuse was rolled out to an increasingly exasperated public. And like that $8M-$9M bridge project that finally wrapped up this summer, longtime Wellesley resident Locke has stood for endurance, serving 24 years in the state senate and co-founding the town’s oldest law firm.

Anyway, in case anyone is thinking about it, we’ll settle for a simple alley sign or an acknowledgement on the graffiti-covered Waban Arches when it comes time to commemorate our much more modest contributions to the town.

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