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Brake for moose and scorpion in Wellesley

It’s been Wild Kingdom in Wellesley this week.

Wellesley moose, David DewHere’s a photo sent from David Dew of a moose spotted at Reeds Pond in Wellesley. Dew says he was working at his kitchen counter when he saw the moose jump into the pond from Woodside, swim across and head toward Cedar Brook Road. He said it looked as though the moose was headed toward Morses Pond. Dew notified Wellesley Police, who issued an alert Monday after seeking the 500-600-pound Moose near Upson Road and Parker Road. More from Wellesley police here.

Separately, Wellesley Police, Fire, and AMR Paramedics responded to a report of a woman being stung by a baby scorpion on Sunday afternoon. The critter stowed away in the luggage of the victim, who was returning from Italy. She was not seriously injured and Wellesley firefighters took control of the scorpion, according to Wellesley police, who provided this photo.Scorpion, Wellesley The scorpion now has a new home at Wellesley College, according to the Boston Globe.

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