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Wellesley Wives: Your secrets will be revealed in new romance novel!

Wellesley women, your real moment in the spotlight is nearly upon you. Sure, Linda Erin Keenan’s Suburgatory poked fun at wealthy suburban residents (though the author emphasized most of the book was not based on Wellesley) and Thin Rich Bitches took on social climbing in Wellesley, Dover, etc. But a romantic comedy book coming in September from
“International & No. 1 Bestselling Novelist” and former Irish DJ Suzy Duffy titled Wellesley Wives focuses on a story that will be familiar to all Wellesley residents…right down to the image on the book cover, which features an artist’s spot-on blend of Wellesley Square and Wellesley Hills.

We can’t describe the novel’s storyline any better than the blurb on the publisher’s site:

Popsy Power is pretty, popular, and insanely rich. Her husband adores her, and her two daughters are busy producing babies and romping up the corporate ladder—like good little Wellesley Wives. However, what Popsy doesn’t know is that her husband and worldly wealth will soon be gone, and as for her daughters… Well, Lily’s romping is not restricted to the boardroom, and Rosie finds her pilot-husband flying more than his jet.

Sandra is Popsy’s best friend. She has the perfect body, bank balance, and palatial penthouse. As a second wife herself, she should know how husbands wander, but even she is shocked when she discovers where Jack has found his fun . . . When Lily’s nasty, little secrets suddenly go public and Rosie finds her husband flying a little too high, it’s time to escape.

Popsy and Sandra flee to beautiful, peaceful Ireland. Rosie heads to Mexico, and Lily seeks refuge in the arms of her man. The adventure continues for Popsy and Sandra. Within days, they’re almost arrested and killed before finding themselves in a boathouse in Banagher—with jobs! Meanwhile Rosie is diving off the back of a catamaran into the azure-blue of the Caribbean, but she’s not sure what’s worse—the sharks in the sea or the ones on the beach. Back in Boston, Lily discovers that getting what she wanted was not what she wanted, but unlike her scuba diving sister, surely she’s in too deep…

From Banagher to Boston and down to the Caribbean Sea, these four ladies are on a rollercoaster ride through life. Rich, poor, happy, sad, in or out of love—only one thing is certain. Things are is never dull when you’re with the Wellesley Wives.

Newton and Natick women, no need to be jealous of your Wellesley friends. Duffy has two more books slated to come out over the next couple of years: Newton Neighbors and Natick Nannies.

In a follow-up email interview, Duffy says she and her family have lived in Wellesley for three years and they have 5 kids in the Wellesley school system.  Wellesley, she says, reminds her of south county Dublin, Ireland.

Asked whether Wellesley Wives is based on any real people in town, Duffy says “No… This is a pure work of fiction.  My primary objective is to entertain women. It’s light romantic comedy.  There are enough somber, self reflecting tomes around without my meddling! Wellesley Wives is meant to be a fun read – escapism.”

Duffy says that if her books do well it will help a good cause: 10% of royalties will go to a charity, probably Friends of Boston’s Homeless.

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