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Wellesley hit with string of car break-ins

From the Wellesley Police Department:

The Wellesley Police Department is investigating ten car related thefts over the weekend.  Since Friday, July 6, 2012 there have been ten reported thefts from vehicles in the east end of town, primarily near Route 9.  The thefts have been occurring during the overnight hours and in 9 of the incidents, the vehicles were parked in a driveway, with the doors unlocked.  In one case a Jeep ‘soft top’ was cut to allow thieves access to the vehicle.  Miscellaneous items inside the cars were taken during the thefts.

In one case, a vehicle was stolen from a residence.  The doors were unlocked and the keys were inside the car.

During the investigation of these incidents, officers located and recovered a stolen vehicle on Mulherin Lane.  The vehicle had been stolen from Wayland late last week. 

If you see or hear suspicious activity during the overnight hours, please call 911 immediately.  Thieves will often walk through front yards, trying every car door in a neighborhood until they find one that is unlocked.  Locking your car doors also prevents this crime from happening.

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