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Wellesley’s Presidential race connection: Janna Little Ryan

As Wellesley College women have been quick to point out on Twitter and other social media networks, and as other Swellesley Report readers have noted, there’s a bonafide Wellesley angle to the 2012 Presidential campaign: Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s VP choice Paul Ryan’s wife Janna Little Ryan is a 1991 graduate of Wellesley College, where she studied Spanish (her mom is also a Wellesley College grad).

“I can’t imagine there would be a single person at Wellesley who had [a] bad interaction with her,” Pia Thompson, president of the class of 1991, told Yahoo News. “She was honestly the nicest person there. I don’t know if it was her Oklahoman sensibility … she was an absolute sweetheart, always with a smile, always with a hello to anybody.”

So if the Romney team were to win the election, there’s a good shot the college could snag a visit from another current or former First Lady, something it has done with both Barbara Bush (1990 commencement speaker) and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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