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Wine & spirits coming to Wellesley doorsteps?

Metro West WinesA curious sign for a business called Metro West Wines has popped up on the window of the space behind 9 East Wine Emporium on Rte. 9, in Natick, just outside the Wellesley line. According to the ad, this business would deliver wine/beer/spirits in Weston and liquor store-free Wellesley.

9 East itself does home/business deliveries of $250 or more, and according to our tipster, 9 East people said they weren’t aware of what Metro West Wines was up to.

We’ve been unable contact the business yet, and their website doesn’t say much yet.

Robert Dwyer of The Wellesley Wine Press (who wrote a post for us earlier this year on wine sales in Wellesley/Needham) says the emergence of such a business would raise interesting questions about “whether it’s significantly different to have a Natick retailer hand-deliver booze to a Wellesley address than having a liquor store in Wellesley. Wine retailers all over Massachusetts can deliver to Wellesley addresses via FedEx, and a few other retailers hand deliver. ”

Thanks to reader CH for passing along the tip and photo for this item.

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