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Election frenzy brings Warren to Wellesley Hills Library

warren wellesley hills libraryMassachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren made a pit stop on her campaign tour at the Wellesley Hills library branch, packing in more than 100 supporters (including below, young fan Sarah Calcio). Warren kept her comments relatively brief, outlining some differences between her and rival Scott Brown and noting that she never thought she’d run for public office “but I know what’s at stake in this election.”

warren/calcio wellesley hills library

Sarah Bastille Photography

After the fact, we heard Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in town fairly recently at a private meet-and-greet or fundraiser at a Wellesley home. Not sure whether the other main candidates have swung through town recently, though suppose we would have heard if President Obama did.

Whichever way you’re voting, here’s the Nov. 6 State Election Warrant.

Polling places will open at 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM. Voters actually in line at 8:00 PM will be allowed to vote.

Precinct A

Bates School- Cafeteria

116 Elmwood Road

Precinct B

Sprague School- Gym

401 School Street

Precinct C

Upham School- Gym

35 Wynnewood Road

Precinct D

Schofield School- Gym

27 Cedar Street

Precinct E

Fiske School- Gym

45 Hastings Street

Precinct F

Senior High School- Gym

50 Rice Street



Precinct G

Wellesley Free Library- Wakelin Room

530 Washington Street

Enter from Rear Parking Lot

Precinct H

Sprague School- Gym

401 School Street


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