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More help from Wellesley for Hurricane Sandy/fire victims

The Foley family of Wellesley has been spearheading a local Karma Truck effort to collect needed goods for those affected in New York by Hurricane Sandy. In this case, you’ll need to be quick: Donations due by Saturday, Nov. 10.

Many of us have family and friends that were affected by Sandy, and many of us want to help. Many of us also have been lucky, successful and generally blessed in life.We would like your help getting these families some much-needed relief. We have heard numerous people on the news recounting that things are easily replaced but people are not. That is so true. However, the destruction of one’s home is a traumatic event for a family. Like many of you we have gently used items and extra canned goods that are simply taking up space in our home and could be used by a family who has lost everything.

Our family will be putting up the money to rent a U-haul truck and gas it up for the trip to New York.
We are scouring our house for things to donate and put in the truck. We are asking for your help in collecting items. We know that the following items are needed:

-Canned Goods / Nonperishable Food
-Water (You know you stocked up before Sandy, and don’t need it now.)
-Jackets, Gloves, Hats, Socks (It was in the 70s when Sandy hit but it’s getting cold now and these families need warmer clothes.)
-Cleaning Supplies (Brooms, Mops, Sponges, Garbage Bags)

1. DONATION DESTINATION: We will be delivering our collection to Senator Lanza’s office on Staten Island. They are working as a distribution center for the relief efforts by providing support directly to those in need, as well as supplying smaller relief organizations that have limited storage capacities.

2. DROP-OFF DETAILS: You can drop off donations at my home at any time. If we are not home and the weather is nice, you can place donations in front of the right-hand garage door. If the weather is questionable, the front porch is a better option. Collection boxes will also be available beginning tomorrow at Peet’s Coffee, Lower Falls Wine and Faber Rug. They will also be collecting at Wasik’s Cheese Shop starting next Tuesday. For updates as we add donation locations, check our website at www.thekarmatruck.org.

Right now, we are planning on driving all of the items collected to NYC on November 12th. Please scour your home or head to the store quickly and drop items off at our house – 94 Ivy Road.

You will get no proof of donation as this is not any sort of official charity. This is just one American family, asking others to help fill up a truck with Karma for other Americans in need.

What will you put in the Karma Truck?

Suzanne Foley

[email protected]

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