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The book on Wellesley RDF permits

WMS students at RDF Service Day May 2012In light of the story of the Marlborough man who found the money-filled, hollowed-out book at the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility, some raised the obvious question: “Hey, wait a minute, what was a Marlborough guy doing at the RDF in the first place?”

(Others have chimed in to chide those who would deprive this man of his once-in-a-lifetime find, even though he has attempted to find the rightful owner of the book.)

As for RDF permitting rules, Gordon Martin, superintendent for the RDF, explains:

“We issue two types of permits. Residents get the permit sticker for their windshield, the second type of permit is an orange placard that the residents are required to place on their dashboards upon entering the RDF.

These placards are temporary and have an expiration date on them. The permit holder typically has full access to the facility; in some situations, we may decide to restrict access by writing on the placard what the restriction is. As you can imagine, once a person is given a permit, it’s very difficult to enforce the restriction.  

In the case with the Marlborough man who found the cash in the hollowed out book, the resident asked for a full access permit and we granted his request.”

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