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Wellesley has Boston Marathon charity numbers for fit fundraisers

Boston Marathon runners enter Wellesley Square, 2012The Boston Marathon has become tougher than ever to get into, even for fast, qualified runners, but participating via invitational/charity numbers is an alternative for those fit enough to run the 26.2 mile course and motivated/connected enough to raise $4K for a charity.

Wellesley, because it is along the Marathon route, gets 20 invitational numbers to dole out as it sees fit.

Applications are available in the Board of Selectmen’s office, Wellesley Town Hall, 3rd floor, beginning today, Nov. 26. All applicants must complete the application form and return it to the Board of Selectmen’s office by email or in person by 5:00 pm on Dec. 14. Wellesley residents and Town of Wellesley employees will be given priority. The invitational entries will be determined by a lottery on Dec. 17 at 1:00 pm and recipients will be notified on Dec. 20.

In the event that all numbers are not utilized by Wellesley residents or Town employees, the Board of Selectmen reserves the right to make alternative arrangements.

Each individual that receives an invitational entry will be required to commit: to pay the entry fee of $300 to the Boston Athletic Association ($350 if postmarked after Feb. 1); and to raise the amount of $4,000 for Wellesley Scholarship Foundation, Wellesley Friendly Aid Association, Wellesley Theatre Project, or West Suburban Veterans’ District before May 17, 2013.

If you have an interest in applying for an invitational number to the 117th Boston Marathon, please contact Terrance Connolly, Board of Selectmen’s office, Wellesley Town Hall, 781-431-1019 ext. 2207 or email [email protected]

As the Boston Globe and others have documented in recent years, meeting stiff fundraising goals has become a huge challenge, especially in light of so many other fundraiser events, from walks to runs to everything in between.

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