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Wellesley native bringing wine & more to your door

Metro West Wines, a business that we sniffed out on the outskirts of Wellesley in August, has opened its doors on the Natick line on Rte. 9 (same building as Nine East Wine Emporium) . But more importantly to potential customers, who might want wine, beer or liquor delivered to their home or business in Wellesley or Weston, the company has turned up its website.

It’s there where you can browse and order your favorite drink and consult the Cuisine Match calculator to help you pick a drink that would work best with your meal.

I swapped email with Fred McIntyre, a Wellesley native, to learn more about this new business co-founded by he and his wife (Metro West Wines is a D.B.A of The Wine Network, which owns Nine East Wine.)

Why focus on Wellesley/Weston?

For a couple of reasons. I am the third generation of my family to grow up in Wellesley. I currently live in Weston  and have an affinity for both towns.  Additionally, persons from Wellesley and Weston have become used to home delivery services such as dry cleaning, groceries, meals — alcohol seemed to be the next logical step.

There any particular rules you need to abide by in terms of serving Wellesley?

Liquor stores already deliver to Wellesley and Weston all the time.  Most charge an outrageous minimum order size of $200 or more and you might see the delivery in 3 days if you are lucky. So, the practice of delivering alcohol to Wellesley and Weston has been a long running tradition. Given the fact that this is already being done, along with Fed Ex and UPS shipments also occurring, there is already a precedent set. We of course did file for and receive the proper transportation permits from the state of Massachusetts, however.

Oh, and our drivers obey the speed limit at all times

Should people expect to get deals on anything in particular, or is this likely to be mainly at least a slightly premium service based on the convenience of it?

Per state law we cannot offer any pricing which is different than what is offered at Nine East Wine. That being said, what we are offering is a low priced service of convenience.  We  have a $50 minimum order placement and a $15 dollar delivery fee. That equates to  a bottle of vodka and a semi decent wine. Not too much if you really think about it…

This service is designed to relieve people of that “one more thing” on their daily list that they need to accomplish. How many times have persons arrived home, looking forward to unwinding with that perfect wine or beverage only to realize that there is nothing or not enough in the house? Our 1-hour service relieves the issue (or burden if you will) to get back in the car and go out when all you want to do is stay home.

We can also arrange to delivery a bottle of wine, case of beer, or spirits to someone as a gift. I don’t know about you, but I forget people’s birthdays and anniversaries all the time! Having this one-hour delivery option could come in quite handy for many people.

Anything else worth noting?

Yes! We have built into our site a “Cuisine Match” system which takes the guess work out of matching wine with food. There are two drop-down menus that allow persons to dig down and find the perfect match for their meal or dinner party. No one else that we know of has such a resource, and that is a key point for us. We don’t just want people to shop with us, we want people to learn about wine, beer and spirits from our website. We have detailed descriptions and excellent graphics. We are quite proud of what we have put together.


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