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Wellesley Spelling Bee has a fishy finish

Council On Aging Spellbinders, Wellesley Spelling Bee Champs 2012

Photo by Deborah Brown

UPDATE: Lots more photos of the bee from George Roberts here.

The well-lettered were out in full force Thursday night for the 23rd annual Wellesley Spelling Bee at Sprague Elementary School.

The friendly competition, organized by the Wellesley Education Foundation as a fundraiser for the town’s public schools, drew 51 teams representing a broad spectrum of philanthropic, educational, and municipal organizations.

Can you spell prudently, speculate, and perpetual?  The competing teams could, and so can everybody, so don’t get too confident about your chances for next year.  However, if you can spell ratiocinate, hygrometer, or the word that won it for the Wellesley Council on Aging’s team, sacalait (meaning a crappie, a kind of fish), you may want to throw your hat in the ring next year.  Why not?  The trophy is really big, and the bragging rights are exorbitant (yes, that was one of the words).
Congratulations to the Spellbinders’ team members Elaine Elliot, George Dummer, and Marlene Bortman.

Wellesley Spelling Bee final word 2012

Photo by George Roberts
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