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Wellesley Thanksgiving platter: Football, running & more football

Wellesley High School dropped its final game of the season in a high-scoring 39-21 loss at traditional Thanksgiving rival Needham.


Turkey5 Wellesley

Earlier in the day, the first annual Turkey5 5K and 5-mile road races attracted a total of about 1,600 runners, who started and ended in Linden Square. Congrats to Carol Chaoui and team for putting on a successful event that raised tens of thousands of dollars to fight cancer and help feed the hungry. Wellesley High alum Bijan Mazaheri finished first in the 5-mile race at a 5:06 pace, while the top female finisher, Alice Binns, zipped along at a 6:01 pace. In the 5K race, Wellesley High’s Danny Palladino raced home first at a 5:22 pace, while the top female finisher was Alexandra Krieg, who finished at a 6:34 pace.Wellesley turkey trot

1st place dog finisher Zack Connolly

5M winner Bijan Mazaheri (1477)

Turkey5 Wellesley

Photo by Deborah Brown


On Wednesday, Wellesley High’s Powderpuff team of high school girls dropped its game to the Needham High girls 21-0 in what you can see was an entirely clean game. Wellesley police officers coached the team and there are lots more photos at Wellesley PD Photo.

Powderpuff Wellesley Needham

Photo from Wellesley PD Photo


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