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Globe revisits fish mislabeling story, Wellesley businesses included

The Boston Globe has revisited its investigative story from a year ago about rampant fish mislabeling by area restaurants and finds that through DNA testing many eateries still haven’t changed their ways. The story concludes that some restaurants are pointing the fingers at suppliers (who, for example, instead of delivering fresh Atlantic cod offer up Pacific cod), and others (such as Blue Ginger of Wellesley) said a clerical error was to blame for its issue:

Blue Ginger in Wellesley was a rare example where celebrity chef Ming Tsai advertised an expensive species — sablefish — as cheaper butterfish because he liked the way the name “rolls off the tongue.”

In response to the newspaper series, Tsai modified the menu to read “Sablefish (a.k.a. Butterfish).” But when the Globe visited the restaurant on several occasions this year, the reference to sablefish had been removed. After Blue Ginger was told in August of the new DNA results, the restaurant restored “Sablefish (a.k.a. Butterfish)” to the menu.

A companion story also includes comments from Wellesley’s Captain Marden’s regarding one of the fish suppliers in question.

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