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Roiled on Royalston Road in Wellesley

Royalston Road, Wellesley

A reader wrote in to say she’s getting fed up with construction trucks parked on Royalston Road, which is located not far from Boulder Brook Reservation and the Weston line. Home building and refurbs are attracting the workers to Royalston Road in big numbers: “It is a curvy road with a blind curve and three times over the last month I have almost been hit head-on by another car trying to pass through there due to the fact that there are often 20 or more vehicles parked as four houses are either being built or under major renovation.” The reader writes that she’s seen workers parked up on the grass or property of a house going up on a nearby street. “I guess the bigger the house one is working on equates to the sense of owning more of the road?”

I personally swung by there Thursday at around 8AM and saw 12 trucks on Royalston. Indeed, the parked trucks did restrict the road to 1-way traffic, though at least the trucks were all parked on the same side of the street. The reader says she’s called the police a couple of times, but the trucks keep parking on the road.

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