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Wellesley sledding hotspots

Here’s a fresh shot from Elm Bank from reader JG.

Elm Bank sledding Dec, 2012


Elm Bank Reservation off Rte. 16 at the Wellesley/Natick border. Fast, but not too fast hill that offers something for older and younger kids. Most sledders seem to aim for the big tree on the right side of the hill, younger kids tend to stay to the left, which is less steep. To get there, simply follow the road to the right once you cross over the bridge and you’ll see the sledding hill to your left. Parking is at the top of the hill.

Elm Bank sledding Wellesley MA

Kelly Memorial Field on Elmwood Rd., adjacent to the Bates Elementary School. The sledding hill is to the left of the ball fields as you enter from the school parking lot. It’s a long, not-too-steep slope, with a smaller hill for little kids on the side.

Nehoiden Golf Course: Not sure the course owners really want you to sled or ski there, but they don’t seem to fight it. Sledding is popular on a hill across from the Rte. 16 entrance to Wellesley College. A plastic fence has been erected to catch those who might otherwise coast into the road.

Wellesley Country Club too offers up some fine sledding, especially at hole 11.

Wellesley Country Club sledding

Schofield Elementary School: A moderate hill that tapers into the ball fields. Houses at the top of the hill. Can get chilly on a windy day, as the fields are wide open. Park at Schofield at 27 Cedar St.


Severance Hill at Wellesley College. The hilltop is at Severance Hall and behind the Davis Museum and Cultural Center. Students are known to zip down on cafeteria trays. This hill is not for those with common sense.

Wellesley College Severance Hill sledding

Wellesley Recreation Department/Warren Park has a moderate hill, good for young ones. There’s also a playground. Located on Rte. 16/Washington St.

Rte. 16/Washington St. near Lovewell Rd, big field with stone wall at bottom, on same side of Rte. 16 as Wellesley College. Long, not too steep hill.

2010 rte 16 sledding hill in Wellesley

Wellesley Town Hall green. When there aren’t summer concerts taking place, there are sledders zipping down the bowl abutting Town Hall on Rte. 16.

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  1. Laurance Stuntz
    Posted January 2, 2013 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    The Lovewell hill spot is fun, but can be dangerous depending on conditions and number of riders on the sled because of the stone wall. A neighbor broke his tibia hitting the wall a few years ago riding double and two winters ago, my nephew cracked his skull while riding triple. Both were probably avoidable by having fewer riders so they didn’t slide as far, but the stone wall is really hard.

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