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“Contrarian”: Wellesley film maker chronicles life of legendary investor John Templeton

2013 will be chock full of movies that bring us more of the same — sequels, threequels, etc., to Anchorman, Star Trek, The Hobbit, Iron Man and others. But there will be at least one new film this year that’s all about being different and it’s called “Contrarian.”

Our angle here is that this documentary, about legendary investor and big thinker John Templeton, is written/directed/produced by Mary Mazzio of Wellesley and 50 Eggs Films.  Her previous works have focused on issues such as Title IX and immigrant pushcart vendors in New York.

Among Mazzio’s sidekicks on Contrarian (underwritten by the John Templeton Foundation) is director of photography Richard Klug, also of Wellesley.

Mazzio says Contrarian is still in the early stages of the distribution/marketing process, but you can expect to find it later this year. In fact, sneak previews have begun.

Here’s the trailer:

Contrarian Trailer: 50 Eggs Films from 50EGGS on Vimeo.

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