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Buddha, Jesus, Adlai Stevenson & Wellesley kids joining forces on Sunday

From the Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills:

This Sunday the children of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills will be performing “The Peace Train,” a play exploring various concepts of peace in world religions and global cultures.  The children of UUWellesley have been exploring the themes of the play, practicing lines, learning music, and building sets all fall and look forward to sharing their excitement with the community.

Continuing a long tradition of Religious Education plays, this year’s performance introduces the audience to a family on the last leg of their vacation.  Nerves are frayed and the children are beginning to countdown the minutes until they return home to their friends.  But of course their father does not want to miss the opportunity to share one more story, one more morsel of wisdom, before they return back to their Xboxes and iPods.  A few brawls between the kids lead him to share stories about peace, specifically as it relates to peace within oneself, peace between people, and peace among nations.  Through his stories the sanctuary will be transformed as the family journeys back in time to ancient India to learn from the Buddha, biblical Palestine to meet Jesus, and the Cold War to encounter Adlai Stevenson. 

No matter if you had front row seats for last year’s play or are new to this annual tradition, all are invited to join UUWellesley on Sunday, Feb. 3rd  at 10:30am. 

For more information about UUWellesley see www.UUWellesley.org  or contact Rev. Jack Lewis at [email protected] or 781-235-7423 x112.   

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