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Envision Wellesley High in 3D

3d3D printers are all the rage. It’s hard to read a tech or business magazine or website these days without seeing something about the topic, which has big implications for manufacturing and more. Even nearby schools such as Marlborough High are getting into the act, using a 3D printer it was given to add excitement to engineering classes. These printers can turn drawings into physical, plastic models.

[Wicked Cool 3D Print Creations]

Naturally, we wondered whether 3D printing might make its way into the Wellesley schools any time soon. Here’s what Douglas Brown, head of the science and technology department at Wellesley High, had to say about the topic:

Yes, 3-D printers are all the rage right now.  We are definitely interested in exploring the idea of incorporating that into our technology program.  It meshes really well with our 10-year science and technology curriculum review that we are starting next year.  As part of the process we will be examining our engineering and technology program and looking to see what direction we want to move it in and how we may want to expand it.  Being in the new building and having a dedicated space for the program (unlike the old building) has opened up many new possibilities for us.  We want to be thoughtful about the process, which is what the curriculum review will allow, so that we can make wise investments in technology.
As the review process gets rolling (we are currently in the planning phase for the process), I’ll have much more that I can share.
Thanks for sharing the story [about Marlborough High’s printer].  I love the part about community involvement.  Being Wellesley, there will be a rich source of expertise that we will be able to tap into as we begin our curriculum review in earnest.
It’s not, by the way, as if Wellesley is without any 3D printers: Wellesley College has 3D printing technology.
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