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Does Wellesley need a bandstand at Town Hall green?

town hall bandstandA longtime Wellesley resident is urging the town to build a bandstand on the Town Hall green to host summer concerts, and has even painted a picture of what he imagines the building might look like.

Thomas Purcell, the bandstand backer, writes that the spot where the temporary stage is positioned for concerts would make for a perfect amphitheater given the hills on two sides of it.

This isn’t the first time a bandstand has been proposed for downtown Wellesley. Back in the mid-2000s a bandstand almost went up at Simons Park, the grassy area next to the Wellesley Free Library, but the Zoning Board shot it down (the Town Hall green did come up as a possible location back then as well, but was dismissed).

The bandstand proved a divisive issue in town, with supporters saying it would allow local musicians to show their stuff and provide the community with a nice gathering spot, while others worried about traffic, drinking teens congregating in it and noise. Others also pointed out that an enclosed bandstand doesn’t suit wild and crazy acts like the Glamour Girls, though.



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