Wellesley School Superintendent Lussier profiled

winter1314cvr_wwmWellesleyWeston Magazine’s main feature in its winter issue is a profile of Wellesley Public School superintendent David Lussier, which covers his career history, including his work on the education front for the Clinton and Bush administrations.  Lussier says coming into the Wellesley job allowed him to get closer to school kids than he was in some previous jobs.

Among his efforts here: helping to develop staff to become administrators; improving teacher evaluation processes; figuring out the role of technology in teaching; and earning trust that had eroded in the previous administration.

Lussier, who grew up in Dracut, Mass., says his job “isn’t to make everybody happy. I think it is to be very clear about the reasons we’re making certain choices” (though he acknowledges there are some personnel decisions — such as an unpopular one to re-assign the head of the Wellesley Middle School and High School orchestras — that don’t quite pass the public transparency test). Lussier also emphasizes an approach to prepping students for success, regardless of the career path they might take.

Other pieces in the magazine include profiles of two of Wellesley’s most ubiquitous residents: Sox fan Lynne Smith and Wellesley Wives author Suzy Duffy.

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