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Big follow-up to Wellesley Sleepwalker statue: Madeleine Albright’s jewelry collection

Serpent Pin, circa 1860. Designer unknown. Photo by John Bigelow Taylor

Serpent Pin, circa 1860. Designer unknown. Photo by John Bigelow Taylor

While sculptor Tony Matelli’s already infamous New Gravity exhibit featuring the near-naked Sleepwalker is just starting this week at Wellesley College’s Davis Museum, the art gallery has another show on the way should should also create plenty of buzz too: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s pin collection.

For the first time in our memory, the Davis will be doling out timed tickets for an event, like the MFA has done for some of its bigger shows. Tickets for the Albright exhibit, which runs from June 9-July 20, will become available starting next month.

Albright, a Wellesley College alum with an institute at the school bearing her name, sometimes seems to be in town more often than I am. She recently spoke at a couple of events in Wellesley.

This exhibit, which complements a 2009 Albright book about the pins, has been organized by the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, and features more than 200 pins, “many of which the incomparable Secretary Albright donned to communicate a message or a mood during her diplomatic tenure.”

The exhibit has been traveling around the country, including in Iowa and Phoenix (where a reviewer criticized the museum for going too fashionista).

Perhaps one tie-in between the Matelli Sleepwalker & friends exhibit and Albright’s forthcoming show comes via this quote by the diplomat in Iowa’s Gazette: “I feel nude without a pin.”

Maybe that’s all the Sleepwalker needs to make his presence a little more acceptable? Though where to pin it?

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