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Collateral damage from snowstorm in Wellesley

mailboxReader EM writes that she was feeling miffed about re-shoveling the end of her driveway every time the plow went by yesterday and created a new barrier.

That is until she saw this mailbox, the apparent victim of aggressive plowing, on Great Plain Avenue just south of Brook Street.

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  1. Jen Perry
    Posted February 28, 2015 at 8:01 am | Permalink

    I am miffed because we haven’t had mail service for 3 days. We called the Postal Service and they told us that they have shut sown service to our street (and 12 others in Wellesley) because they have not been plowed well and carriers have been hurt. It’s funny because we have called the DPW to tell them that our street is not plowed well either – it’s Feb 28th and we are still snow covered! Where are my taxes going? How do Weston, Needham and other surrounding towns manage to clear their streets to blacktop but in Wellesley, we still have roads that are treacherously snow covered weeks after the last snow?

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