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Down goes historic Wellesley Beebe House — but it will live on, sort of

Photo by Catherine Johnson

Photo by Catherine Johnson


Demolition of the historic Beebe House on the site of the former Wellesley Inn took place on Friday morning, as the Belclare condo/retail complex project moves forward.

The Beebe House, a late 19th century cottage at 53 Grove St., makes way for the affordable housing component of the new development. The house eluded demolition in 2006 when the Wellesley Inn was razed, leaving the space vacant for years as the original developer of the property hit the financial skids.

Efforts were made last year by those concerned with preserving the town’s historical buildings to spare the Beebe House from destruction, but they didn’t get their wish. They scored a partial victory, however, in that the Beebe House’s architecture  will be reproduced in the front building for the affordable units.

Photo via Josh Dorin

Photo via Josh Dorin

(The Wellesley Historical Commission in July stated: “Although reluctant to abandon Rehabilitation of the Beebe House as the recommended action, the Commission believes that the Reconstruction plan offers a more realistic prospect of preserving the Beebe House’s historic value.  It will serve as a contrast to the Square’s more modern architecture and as a reminder of the area’s former character as a residential neighborhood. “)

Thank you to local realtor Catherine Johnson for passing along the photo.

More on the Belclare here.

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