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Questions answered regarding Wellesley speed limit sign, traffic light cameras

A reader recently wrote with a couple of questions:

1) The reader wondered about a digital “Your Speed” sign on Cedar Street heading north that sits just after a standard speed limit sign that says the limit is 30mph in this thickly settled area. The question: why does the sign flash your speed when you’re going below the limit (it’s not in a school zone)?

2)  What’s the purpose of the cameras on local traffic light posts, such as at the Cedar/Walnut and Kingsbury/Linden intersections? If they’re designed to trigger light changes when no traffic is coming, they aren’t doing that, according to the reader.

Wellesley Police Department Deputy Chief Jack Pilecki kindly provided us with answers:

1) The speed sign is a new device and needed some programming work. It is now only flashing when drivers exceed the speed limit. (The reader who inquired confirmed this is the case now.)

2)  The reader is correct that the cameras are supposed to give a waiting vehicle a green light if no one is approaching from another direction, though the Kingsbury/Linden intersection is more complicated in that it coordinates with the Washington/State Street intersection to help provide bridge backups. If you notice specific lights aren’t operating correctly, please contact either the police or Wellesley Municipal Light Plant.

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  1. Slow down Swellesley
    Posted March 1, 2014 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    As I recall, the speed indicator sign flashed when a vehicle reached 28, 29 and 30 miles an hour. From a safety perspective, it seemed to provide a reminder to drivers that they were reaching the maximum speed of 30 miles an hour on a street that has many children and adults of all ages who enjoy the school, park and synagogue. The flashing speed did not harm anyone and likely helped promote safety on Cedar Street and throughout Wellesley. I’m sure the reader who found the flashing speed indicator sign troublesome is not a “Speeder on Cedar” but I hope that going forward that the reader (and all readers) will focus their advocacy on encouraging everyone to go slow throughout Wellesley and stop at crosswalks for pedestrians. For those who live, learn, play and pray on Cedar Street and throughout Wellesley, we thank you!

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