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Search on for Wellesley dog that might look like snowball on side of road

Photo of a maltese (this is not the actual dog that is lost)

Photo of a maltese (this is not the actual dog that is lost)

UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 13

From Animal Control Officer Sue Webb: Seen running under the evergreen trees where the snow isn’t deep, following rabbit trails under the shelter of the trees between Carisbrooke Rd. and Highgate Rd..  Owner setting trap and setting motion cameras. I hope every one will watch out the windows to look for movement under the hemlocks or fresh dog tracks in the new snow so that we might be able to track him.

UPDATE:  A maltese was spotted on Carisbrooke Road on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at around 3pm.

Wellesley animal control officer Sue Webb issued an alert on Monday, Feb. 10, to be on the lookout for a little white maltese dog that spooked Monday morning  and bolted from Greylock Road. The dog, named Poppy, has been sighted on Albion, Ledgeways, Hundreds Circle and Carisbrooke.

“The dog might look like a snowball on the side of the road,  or a rabbit to a coyote, so we need help looking so she can be reunited safely with his owner,” Webb says.
Webb says the rescue dog is very scared and will not come when called, so she recommends not chasing Poppy but to call in sightings at 781-235-1212. Tossing food in the dog’s direction might keep her occupied until the owners can get there, she adds.
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