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Wellesley Free Library scores $50K grant for iPads, other Apple products

Wellesley Free LibraryWellesley Media Corp., has given the Wellesley Free Library Foundation a $50,000 grant for Apple products including iPads and MacBook Pro computers that can be used to help expand computing classes offered at Wellesley Free Library. Wellesley Media anticipates lending its teaching skills to those classes.

According to Anna Litten, WFL Technology Education Coordinator, one of the first classes for the public to take advantage of the new equipment will be co-sponsored by the Wellesley Council on Aging, “Choose the Right Technology Option for You”.  This class offers a way for the town’s senior citizens to make sense of the myriad technology available today. Upcoming classes include using FaceTime, iCloud, and third party apps for productivity. There will also be a Snap’n’Share class in mobile photos and photo sharing options. The Wellesley Media grant will also allow the Library to begin to provide Apple equipment in the Children’s Room.

A second  outcome of this collaboration is that Wellesley Media will begin teaching introductory and advanced classes at the Library in video editing on Apple devices like Macbook Pro and iPads, using software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro X and Garage Band.

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