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Solved! The mystery of the Wellesley library Jag

JagNothing like hunkering down with a good mystery story at Wellesley Free Library.

A reader wrote to us last week asking what was up with a Jaguar that this reader claimed had been parked “for the entire winter” in the underground garage of the main library. The suspicion: Some classic car owner was saving himself or herself a few bucks on storing the car by taking advantage of a town asset.

“I pay to store a car in a covered facility over the winter — I would like to have the opportunity for a subsidized spot as well,” our reader wrote.

Sounded like a sweet Swellesley story, so we checked in with the library. A rep assured us this was not a privately-owned car and that the library would not allow private car storage in the garage.

Was it a fancy bookmobile then?

Nope. After prodding a bit more, I was directed to the police.

It turns out the Jag was forfeited to the police as the result of a drug prosecution case and the library allowed the vehicle to be stored there for a bit while the case was being worked through. The car has been removed.

For more mysteries, we direct you back to the library.


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  1. KirinW
    Posted April 3, 2014 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    LoL! likely story :)

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