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Babson grads find match made in Heaven: Christianity & Mixed Martial Arts

safe_image.phpBabson College MBA alumni Chris LeSchack, Paul Proctor, Maxwell Chang, and Ashit Ghevaria shared executive producer duties for a new film called “Fight Church” that debuts April 24-26 at the Independent Film Festival Boston. Fight Church asks the question: “Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face?” It is a feature documentary about the confluence of Christianity and Mixed Martial Arts.

Boston showings: Thursday, April 24 7:45pm Somerville Theatre; Saturday, April 26 6:30pm Somerville Theatre

Fight Church was produced in association with iMogul, a crowdsourcing and investment platform which connects screenwriters and independent film producers with investors.

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    MMA is a fully sanctioned, highly regulated, international professional sport that features skilled martial artists and elite athletes many of whom have competed at the collegiate and even Olympic level! There is a big disconnect between the fight community and the Faith community and that makes for an interesting film. However, anyone who is educated about this sport would have no moral objection to it. I am a full-time MMA Chaplain much like you would find in every other pro and semi-pro sports. I interact with MMA athletes and coaches on a daily basis and I can assure you that MMA is about competition, not blood lust, brutality, violence or any of the other nonsense portrayed by the media. There is next to no ill will or hard feelings between the athletes. On the contrary, there is an amazing mutual respect that stems from the martial art tradition. I would love to discuss this further with anyone interested. You can contact me [email protected]

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