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New view for Blue Ginger

Blue Ginger treesblue ginger treesNot only is the Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley soon going to have the new Belclare condo/retail complex across the street, but new trees will replace some sick ones that are slated to be removed this month from in front of the Washington Street business. It seems that  borers (insects) have been munching on the trees outside Blue Ginger while restaurants patrons have been gulping down Bigeye Tuna Poke and Pan-Seared Striped Bass, etc., inside the establishment.

(Thank you to reader EM for sending photos and info.)

UPDATE: 4/15/14

Cricket Vlass, landscape planner for Wellesley, says the town will be planing 4 Hardy Rubber Trees (Eucommia ulmoides) on Church St and 4 Emerald Sunshine Elm (Ulmus propinqua ‘Emerald Sunshine’) on Washington St.

“These will replace the ash trees infested with Clearwing borers.  These insects can impact trees, such as these ash, that are stressed due to difficult growing conditions in planting pits with limited soil volume for root growth,” she says.

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