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Wellesley College sets up Ravencam to spy on birds

ravensWellesley College has set up a webcam to study a pair of ravens — not the bad kind — that have built a nest atop the Science Center on campus. Ravens Pauline and Henry have 2 eggs, which are expected to hatch this month.

The school has put together resources online that give background on the big black birds and explain why the ravens might have chosen the cliff-like Science Center as a home.  Students and faculty are using the webcam to study the birds around the clock.

Professor of Environmental Science and Biological Sciences Nicholas Rodenhouse says: “Ours is the first opportunity to closely observe this most creative of birds in close contact with people. Much can potentially be learned about parental behavior, vocalizations, diet, and more.”

UPDATE 1: Coincidentally, Boston’s new Edgar Allan Poe statue — with giant raven — has been revealed. It will be coming to Poe Square at Boylston and Charles Streets in Boston in October.poe raven









UPDATE 2: One member of the Wellesley College community has posted a musical tribute to the ravens.


MORE: Wellesley hawks on the hunt

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