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Wellesley override supporters, detractors organizing

Supporters of the Proposition 2.5 override question to appear on Wellesley’s May 20 ballot have marshaled their forces and have set up a “Yes for Wellesley 2014” website in support of their cause. A Yes vote would approve the town assessing an additional $3.345M in real estate and personal property taxes to fund mainly education spending.

The group is looking for volunteers to help with a mailing campaign on April 29th (Contact Committee 21 rep [email protected] if interested). Car magnets and yard signs should be popping up soon, if not already.

Meanwhile, those opposing the override (as well the purchase of 494 Washington St.) are also planning to get the word out about their position, says Town Meeting member Roy Switzler, who is disappointed that Question 1 about the town’s plans to purchase 494 Washington St. as part of the senior center project does not include any mention of dollar figures.

“The Wellesley Taxpayers Association will certainly be working to convince voters that the spending in both cases, the highest in Wellesley’s history, at $3,345 Million for an override and $1,365 Million for a referendum, on a Town Meeting vote, for the purchase of a home for any project, are extremely excessive. Particularly in this economy.”
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