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Wellesley family among the 15%

You might remember the 2013 Cheerios commercial that featured a mixed-race family with the smart-as-a-whip kid and the cool parents.  The 30-second spot generated such strong racist comments on YouTube that the feedback section had to be closed.

Enter the website We Are the 15 Percent, created by a couple who felt great to see a representation of their own family in a national advertising campaign and started crowd-sourcing portraits of American interracial families and marriages.  The 15 percent refers to the finding that 14.6% of new marriages are interracial according to the 2008 Census, as presented in this Pew Research of Social and Demographic trends

We don’t know “Deborah and Via of Wellesley” (pictured below), but according to the site, they sent in their portrait for consideration, identified themselves as from Wellesley, MA, and were selected to appear on 5/11/14.  Looking good, family.

Mother & daughter, Deborah & Via - Wellesley, MA




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