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Dog owners still barking about Elm Bank ban

no dogs elm bankDog owners/supporters have created a Change.org petition in an attempt to sway the Mass Horticultural Society to change its mind about the recent ban of dogs from its garden area. As of this writing, 34 people had signed up — 66 has been designated as the magic number needed to present the petition to Mass Hort.

Mass Hort says the ban is needed to protect its garden and gardeners from dogs whose owners allow them stroll and relieve themselves in the gardens. Dog owners against the ban argue that they are responsible with their pets and agree that the dogs should not be allowed to run within the gardens themselves. What they have going against them are the many cases of unleashed dogs over the years biting park visitors, knocking over runners and cyclists, and soiling the playing fields. Mass Hort points out that while a section of the park has been cut off to dogs, 152 acres remain where dogs may roam.

The petition concludes:

We the undersigned propose and support the following:

1. Continue to allow dogs on the paved areas between the formal garden areas. We support the dog restrictions in    the specialty garden areas e.g. Weezies garden, Italianate etc. 

2. Enforcement of current leash and waste removal policies

3. Replace No Dogs signs with waste disposal bag dispensers and donation boxes where people can donate to cover expenses

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  1. Carolyn Weston
    Posted June 18, 2014 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    The ban is necessary. Yes, some ARE being penalized for the poor behavior of the few, but it only takes one child bitten by a ‘playful’ dog or one wedding guest slipping in poop to make the point. You have no claim on the property. Stop pestering well-intended people trying to create a world-class botanical site, not a fancy dog park.

  2. Irene Flint
    Posted June 17, 2014 at 9:12 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for posting the information about the petition so I could sign it. I did write a letter to the Trustees and attended a coffee they had to explain the reasons for the ban. I sympathize with them as it is a difficult situations if dogs are running loose in the gardens and owners are not picking up after them either. It is too bad the inconsiderate make it difficult for those of us who are responsible owners.

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