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New math business adds to Wellesley tutoring boom

A new math learning center called Mathnasium is being readied to open this summer in Wellesley at the intersection of Rte. 9 west and the Weston Road exit in the Fells area of town (though clearly what I need is a photography learning center based on the picture below…).

The Wellesley franchise, one of a half dozen Mathnasium branches in the state and  one of hundreds across the world, is run by a Newton woman educated at the University of Texas at Austin and MIT. Mathnasium boasts of a special “method” used to instruct students through high school.

Sessions start at $34 depending upon grade level/frequency of visits.

Another math specialist, Russian School of Mathematics, set up shop in Wellesley back in 2011. Tutoring and test prep businesses  (disclosure: a couple of which — Sexton Test Prep & Tutoring and Prepped & Polished — are among our site sponsors) are booming in the area. Others include Axiom LearningChyten and College Nannies+Tutors.Mathnasium

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