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Opening day at Wellesley’s amazing new family-friendly wonderland!

My anticipation over this past Sunday’s grand opening at Wellesley’s newest and greatest family attraction cannot be overstated.  I decided not to fight the crowds as the majestical doors parted that morning, but instead zipped through them shortly before noon with my brilliant red VIP card secured to my keychain.

While the stately brick, stone and glass exterior was indescribably beautiful, it was the cavalcade of colors swirling around me upon my entrance that swept me away to an Ever Land of everything anyone could ever need.


Cheerful ambassadors greeted me at every turn, and unlike at so many theme parks, they had no need for gimmicky gowns or character costumes. Stylish uniforms and glistening name tags said all that needed to be said about their devotion to my satisfaction during my journey that day. It all brought a tear to my eye, and the supervisor was quickly able to guide me to an aisle where eyedrops could be had.

Oh, and the rides, both inside and out. A thrilling, swerving drive-thru at the end of which precocious elves hand you items to cure your ills.


Inside, 3D glasses called Zoomies and special motion sensitivity seats whisk you into worlds of wonder, water and wishes coming true. Truly, a non-stop roller coaster of bargains.



And did I mention the food? This Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, an EPCOT if you will, also offered up a smorgasbord of epicurean delights that you’d otherwise need to travel the world to sample. Tangy beef jerky in this aisle, succulent Flavor Ice over there and a S’mores display that practically plunked me down in the middle of a campground far away from home.



Unlike those overpriced theme parks that have come to overrun Florida and even New Hampshire, Wellesley’s newest mecca for fun places a priority on value.

The displays of things I didn’t know that I and my animal friends needed opened my eyes.


I even snagged a free gift bag filled with luxuriant goodies that have made my fingers so smooth they can barely stay on my keyboard as I dash off this post. Ticker tape parades happen hourly as well, as coupons explode and dangle from ringing cash registers. A cashier told me the most expensive item (aside from the pharmaceutical goodies doled out on the Drive Thru ride) was a $200 toothbrush and the cheapest, 33-cent caramels.

And as if this destination — of which there are only 4 now in Wellesley — could get any Sweller, a water park appears to be in the works out back. This sort of attraction hasn’t been seen in these parts since the old Baker Estate.


Rejoice! A Consumer Vacation Spot — a Wellesley CVS stay-cation —  is in your near future, at 984 Worcester St., Rte. 9 East.



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  1. Paul from Wellesley
    Posted June 11, 2014 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    This is hilarious! Just when I thought our swell town couldn’t get any better we manage to snag a 4th CVS!!!!

    • Ray
      Posted December 23, 2014 at 11:44 am | Permalink

      Ah yes, more overpriced chain merchandisers are just what this town needs.

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