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Wellesley dump find of the week


Strawberry plants at Wellesley RDF

Strawberry plants, languishing at the Wellesley RDF’s yard waste disposal area

Every Wellesley resident knows about the Recycling and Disposal Facility’s Give and Take area.  If there’s a house in town that doesn’t have something somewhere in it from that every day, free yard sale, then that’s the house where most of that stuff comes from in the first place.

What is a better-kept secret at the dump is the pickings at the yard waste area.  Next time you go, as you’re discarding your shrub clippings, take a close look at what’s really in that pile of  woody debris.  This morning, I found over 200 uprooted strawberry plants.  Thinking about that bare patch in  my garden where the spinach never did cooperate, I scooped up a dozen of them, some with green strawberries attached and begging for a sunny spot, and planted them.

Strawberry plants from RDF

Other things I’ve seen there:  daffodil bulbs, day lilies, rhododendrons, azaleas, boxwood shrubs, arborvitae, and hostas, all in varying states of health.

Just when you thought you knew every secret in this town…



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