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Proud of their Wellesley historic home plaque

75 Abbott Road historical plaqueTo The Editor

We were very pleased to receive a plaque from the Wellesley Historical Commission for our house at 75 Abbott Road (plaque is on the right front of house). We have lived there for over 35 years and appreciate being able to attach a plaque which honors this wonderful house. Built in 1901 by Elizabeth Longfellow Brown, it is one of the original Belvedere houses. The architect was Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr., a nephew of the poet. We are grateful to have this plaque as a badge of honor.

We want to thank the Wellesley Historical Commission and in particular Josh Dorin for his tireless efforts in extending the plaque program to houses that were built 100 plus years ago starting with Abbott Road. Without Josh, this would not have happened. He did extensive research on each house and presented the owners with a detailed summary. He attended a meeting at our house and explained the plaque program to our neighbors whose houses qualified for the plaques. We have always thought that Abbott Road is Wellesley’s most beautiful street, and so far it has been spared from the wanton demolitions we see around town. We hope the addition of these plaques will discourage people from demolishing their houses.

We encourage residents of the streets, particularly in the Belvedere neighborhood, to petition the Wellesley Historical Commission to include their streets in the plaque program. There really is no downside to having a plaque which is only a mark of distinction. No rules or restrictions are attached.


Bill and Carol Mone

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