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Wellesley-ites must have a few stories to tell

UPDATE (8/7/14): Wellesley Free Library’s Elise MacLennan tells us that there’s talk of starting a monthly series of  Fireside Chats on Thursdays at the Hills Branch Library in January 2015.  The idea would be to give locals a chance to share their true stories.

I’ve been wondering for a while whether Wellesley might be ripe for some sort of storytelling gatherings. I’ve hit up some locals to find out whether anyone has heard any such get-togethers in town, and the answer has been: Not really.

Coincidentally, the Village 14 blog has been wondering the same thing in Newton and has put out a call for local storytellers, and has offered to possibly organize a storytelling event.

While storytelling is as old as people, we get the impression that there’s an uptick in storytelling as an entertainment option.

*The Moth radio program holds events regularly in Cambridge and Boston, and even has programs for high school students

*Suburban venues such as ZenMothra in Hopkinton and Tatnuck in Westborough hold storytelling events.

*Wellesley College’s WZLY radio station holds story slams, and Babson encourages entrepreneurs in training to learn the art of storytelling.

We try to do our part on the storytelling front as well, as do the other media outlets in town, but is there any interest in storytelling as an entertainment option in town? We just toss the idea out there…

MORE: League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling

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