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Wellesley songwriter’s uplifting tune born from Boston Marathon tragedy

WBUR has revisited a story it did last May in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing that featured a Wellesley songwriter named Stephen Randall who penned a tune called “We Will Run Again.” He told the NPR news station: “I was so inspired when I heard President Obama say, ‘You will stand. You will walk. […]

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Sundials of Wellesley

Sundials make for good photos, so we’ve been taking pictures of the ones we run across in Wellesley. The top one is from a courtyard at Wellesley College and next two are photos of the sundial near the Whitin Observatory at the college. The bottom two  are photos of the sundial at the Wellesley Free […]

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Wellesley fundraiser season in full swing

We’ve been getting hit up left and right over the past week or so to promote various fundraisers and charity events taking place in Wellesley over the next month or two. We’ve been putting them onto a separate fundraising events page. Here you go generous people…

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Raven baby born in Wellesley

Perhaps many Raven hatchlings are popping across Wellesley, but the only one we know of is being watched via the Ravencam at Wellesley College’s Science Center (See: “Ravencam set up at Wellesley College to spy on birds”). The raven couple has one more egg to go. TIny baby raven alert! Pauline's already back on the […]

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One Run for Boston heads through Wellesley

Sgt Showstead took this photo of #WPD escorting #onerunforboston through town earlier as our Photo of the Day! — Wellesley Police (@WellesleyPolice) April 13, 2014   Post by Wellesley Firefighters. ALSO: Boston Marathon — many Wellesley angles

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Wellesley Science & Technology Expo organizers want your feedback

If you attended this past weekend’s Wellesley Science & Technology Expo at Wellesley High, the organizers would love to get your feedback on the event. You can weigh in here.

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Wellesley petition targets “overpriced sale” of 494 Washington St.

A  group of Wellesley Town Meeting members, including the always politically active Roy Switzler, is pushing to get enough signatures on a petition by Tuesday that would put a referendum on the May townwide ballot regarding the town’s purchase of the property at 494 Washington St., next to the proposed senior center site adjacent to […]

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