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Wellesley Chief argues in favor of police body cameras

The Boston Globe is running an interesting pro/con package this weekend in which Wellesley Police Chief Terrence Cunningham and Newton Police Officer Richard Clements debate the use of body cameras by police officers. Cunningham is in favor, arguing in part that it will give the police a fair shake in a world where many police […]

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Santa scrambles through Wellesley

Good hustle by Santa in these days leading up to Christmas. Saw HER running through Wellesley Square near the fire station on Saturday AM.

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Town of Wellesley buying North 40 from Wellesley College for $35M

The Town of Wellesley has agreed to buy the North 40 property from Wellesley College for $35M, largely ending the first act of a drama that has riled up neighbors, put the school on the defensive and sparked broad thinking about where the town goes from here on its schools, recreation and housing. The town had […]

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Wellesley businesses that came and went in 2014

The Wellesley retail landscape underwent significant changes in 2014, highlighted by the opening of two restaurants and the closing of a longtime ice cream shop. Bocado Tapas & Wine Bar opened this fall on Church Street where Paper Source formerly lived, and Sweet Basil sister restaurant Juniper replaced Milestone in Wellesley Square at the midway point of the […]

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Tis’ the season in Wellesley to blame Verizon

                        Verizon is having a rough go of it of late in Wellesley, with the latest example being in evidence at the downtown post office. Not only are Wellesley Square post office patrons dealing with the usual long lines of the holiday season, but […]

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Wellesley parking meter enforcement guy looks downright downtrodden

I was almost moved to tears Tuesday morning seeing who I’m pretty sure was the Wellesley parking meter enforcement guy wandering around Wellesley Square seemingly in a fog, barely able to look at the meters covered with their 2-hours-of-free-parking hoodies. Keep your head up pal, it’s almost over!

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All-star cast to help set Wellesley public schools direction

Wellesley Public Schools Superintendent David Lussier says that he and members of the Wellesley Education Foundation “were overwhelmed by the level of interest and expertise of those who answered our call to support the Wellesley Public Schools” through the newly formed Superintendent’s Advisory Committees, which kicked off their work via a joint meeting last week. The […]

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Here’s that Oscar-worthy lottery ad filmed in Wellesley Square

For those of you who were inconvenienced or just plain puzzled by the Connecticut Lottery film crew that was doing its thing in Wellesley Square one night/morning in September, temporarily turning the center of town into a holiday wonderland, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Yes, the glorious 30-second ad spot created back then is […]

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