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Boston Marathon 2014, Wellesley style

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A look behind the scenes of the Swellesley Report

One of my jobs at the Swellesley Report is to delete the spam we get.  Spam, as you probably know, is all that usesless email from people who want your attention.  At best, they just want to sell you something.  At worst, they want you to open up their messages, thus leaving your computer susceptible […]

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Wellesley Give-and-Take opens

The Give-and Take area is up and running and ready to accept your household cast-offs. If you’d like to get the first look at things as they come in, the Friends of Wellesley RDF is looking for volunteers to help sort out all incoming treasures. Also of interest: Why Wellesley RDF is closed most Sundays Why are […]

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Wellesley sisterhood celebrates

It was Sorority International Badge Day in Wellesley this week, and as you can imagine, Wellesley has its fair share of the sisterhood living in town.  The idea of Badge Day is that all sorority women get together, wear their badges, and celebrate sisterhood. Actual badge: Somehow my secret past life in a sorority was […]

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Wellesley Town Meeting says let the town decide

Wellesley Town Meeting Monday night voted yes overwhelmingly to allow voters to decide whether a $3.345 million override should be approved to fund school programs and other town services. Committee 21 gives a blow-by-blow account of  the “Gap List,” those budget items that will be cut should the override fail to be approved by the voters. […]

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Time to plant pansies in Wellesley

Never mind that it was snowing last week.  Today,  it finally feels like spring, and that means it’s time to plant pansies in your front step pots.  If you want to do your flower shopping in Wellesley,  you can certainly swing by Roche Bros., Whole Foods Market, Green’s Hardware, or Ace Hardware for a quick […]

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Give and Take area to open at Wellesley RDF

Clearly, those old household items have got to get out of your house, but obviously they’re too good to just throw in the dumpster.  No problem,  the Wellesley RDF has you covered. Starting Tuesday, April 8 the Give and Take Area opens.  So as long as you give, say, four things and take only three, […]

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