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This page isn’t exclusively about Wellesley, but rather is a place for me to document insects and other creatures (reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, mammals) I come across in Wellesley and beyond.

2015: Year in bugs and critters

Sharp-Angled Carpet Moth (Euphyia intermediata).moth august wellesley 2015

A Large Maple Spanworm Moth (Prochoerodes lineola)Prochoerodes lineola – Large Maple Spanworm Moth wellesley august 2015

2014: Year in bugs and critters

Luna Moth, New Hampshire, 2014, July














This will no doubt be my favorite find of the year: A Luna Moth at a gas station in New Hampshire.

Waved Sphinx Moth, New Hampshire, July 2014









This Waved Sphinx Moth found in New Hampshire is bigger than it looks. Should have put a penny next to it for perspective. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceratomia_undulosa

Garter Snake july 2014, wellesley









A big old Gartner Snake found in Wellesley, July 2014.

Click beetle


Click beetle found on front door at night in early June, temp in 80s. These guys are fun to play with, flip over when put on their back. Not that that’s very nice to do to them.


Pearly Wood Nymph found in yard in June.

birch sawfly caterpillar



I believe this is a birch sawfly caterpillar. They do a real number on birch trees. They then convert into wasp-like insects that don’t sting or eat your trees.

Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil














Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil, found in back yard. Probably not a good thing. They eat birch leaves.


2013: Year in bugs & critters

Robber fly/assassin flyRobber fly/Assassin fly (Asilidae), known for taking out house flies and mosquitoes from above. Found in Wellesley MA, August 2013.

Hobomok Skippers Wellesley MA Aug 2013Hobomok Skippers, Wellesley, August, 2013

Mayfly, Wellesley, August, 2013Mayfly, Wellesley, August, 2013 (these guys usually only live a couple of days)

White-fringed Emerald or Flanged LooperWhite-fringed Emerald or Flanged Looper, found in Wellesley MA, August, 2013

ichneumon wasp, natick, 2013 august
Ichneumon Wasp, Natick, August, 2013, Megarhyssa macrurus femaleMegarhyssa atrata, ichneumon wasp, black, natick august 2013


Another variety of Ichneumon wasp, Megarhyssa atrata, also female, same tree, Natick August 2013


Banded longhorn beetle (typocerus velutinus), Wellesley, July 2013


Clearwing Sphinx Moth, Wellesley, July 2013, on flox

Clearwing Spinx Moth, Wellesley, July 2013Clearwing Sphinx Moth, a type of Hummingbird Moth, found in Wellesley, July 2013

six-spotted tiger beetle, root borer
Root Borer, top, and Six-spotted Tiger Beetle, Blue Hills, Milton, July 2013


Cricket, Blue Hills, Milton, July 2013


Banded Tussock Moth, Blue Hills, Milton, July 2013



Spider babies, Blue Hills, Milton, July 2013



Zillion ants, South Natick, MA July 2013



Green stink bug, Wellesley MA, Ouellet Field, July 2013



Pearly Wood Nymph, Hamden CT, June 203



Click beetle, Hamden CT, June 2013



Calyptra canadensis, vampire moth, found in Hamden, CT, June, 2013




Chauliodes rastricornis – Spring Fishfly, Hamden CT, June 2013





Black Swallowtail chrysallis, June 2013, Wellesley MA



Black Swallowtail Caterpillar, June 2013, Wellesley MA



dolichopodid, Wellesley MA on Joe Pye Weed plan, June 2013



Silver-spotted Skipper, Wellesley MA, June 2013



Potter Wasp chamber on sunflower, Wellesley MA, July 2013



Crane fly, Wellesley MA, June 2013



Dobson fly, Wellesley MA, June 2013


Green Assassin Bug, probably shouldnt have had on my hand –they bite, July 2013 at Blue Hills, Milton

aquatic true bug








Aquatic true bug, Wellesley, June 2012



Snapping turtle, Wellesley MA June 2013



Baby snapping turtles, Wellesley MA summer mid-2000s


Tiny toad, Blue Hills, Milton, July 2013


Toad buddies, Hamden CT, June 2013



Japanese beetle



Large carpenter bee, Wellesley, July 2013


Cicada, Pittsford NY, July 2013


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  1. jo
    Posted January 11, 2016 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    Great pictures …. your brave to hold that assassin bug in your hand

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