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Easter turkey visits Wellesley

Reader WE send along this photo of an Easter Sunday visitor in Wellesley in the College Heights area.

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Fish jumping in Wellesley

The annual fish frenzy in Wellesley’s Fuller Brook is quite a scene these days, as these photos/video sent along by reader MarthaC show. Admittedly, our fish identification skills are poor, though we’ve been told in the past by Wellesley officials that alewife are the most common fish found in the brook.

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Parakeet found, Chihuahua mix lost in Wellesley

Wellesley animal control officer Sue Webb has put out the word that a young parakeet has been found in the Bates Elementary School area (Pine Plain Road), while a Chihuahua mix that recently moved here from Tennessee has gone missing (last seen near Wellesley Free Library and later, Weston Road near Rte. 9). Contact Stray […]

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Raven baby born in Wellesley

Perhaps many Raven hatchlings are popping across Wellesley, but the only one we know of is being watched via the Ravencam at Wellesley College’s Science Center (See: “Ravencam set up at Wellesley College to spy on birds”). The raven couple has one more egg to go. TIny baby raven alert! Pauline's already back on the […]

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Living With Coyotes program coming to Wellesley Free Library

The Wellesley Conservation Council (WCC) is hosting a program called “Living with Coyotes: The most misunderstood and remarkable animal in North America” at Wellesley Free Library on Wednesday, April 16 at 7pm. . John Maguranis, the Massachusetts representative for Project Coyote as well as the Belmont Animal Control Officer, will discuss identification and tracking, behavior and habitat, myths and […]

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New view for Blue Ginger

Not only is the Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley soon going to have the new Belclare condo/retail complex across the street, but new trees will replace some sick ones that are slated to be removed this month from in front of the Washington Street business. It seems that  borers (insects) have been munching on the […]

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Wellesley Trails Committee asks: Why are dog owners dumping waste bags?

It’s a dirty job, and the Wellesley Trails Committee would like to make it less so. The committee is attempting to come up with a way to address the problem of people littering the town’s trails with filled doggie waste bags. Shown here is a collection of bags found around the Morses Pond trail. The […]

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