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Nature’s engineers’ handiwork in Wellesley

It’s not all about tear downs in Wellesley. Swellesley reader MC shared these photos (pre-big snowstorms) of a beaver dam where Rosemary Brook feeds into Longfellow Pond. 

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Snow scene at Wellesley’s Longfellow Pond

Thanks to Wellesley’s Michael Scholl for sharing these shots of snowy Longfellow Pond (featuring Bear, the dog). MORE: Wellesley snow day, in pictures

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Groundhog Ms. G living high on the hog of fame in Wellesley

UPDATE: Ms. G saw her shadow at 10am today. Thanks for the weather update, Ms. G.! Chances are, Groundhog Day is that mid-winter tradition most likely to creep up on you unawares, leaving you panicked at the last minute, wondering if you’ve gotten all your Groundhog Day shopping done, knowing in your heart that you […]

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Wellesley joins cause to save a special pony

A GoFundMe crowdsourcing campaign has been launched to raise $20K in medical funds needed to restore a beloved palomino Mustang pony named Mai Tai to health so that he can continue to teach kids — including those with special needs — to ride. Mai Tai is known for his “calm, quiet, and incredibly agreeable demeanor,” […]

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Wellesley Square meltdown

This fabulous bear carved from ice in Wellesley Square over the weekend during the Holiday Stroll has been melting down, down, down… and looks to be getting a bit of help here. MORE: 2015 Wellesley Holiday Happenings  

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Ghosting in Wellesley goes to the dogs

Not only are adults enjoying the fun of pre-Halloween ghosting in Wellesley now, as we reported earlier this week, but dogs are getting in on the action, too. Swellesley reader MaryM tells us that on Tuesday night Sophie (shown here) needed a little help ringing doorbells as she ghosted her Yarmouth Road neighbors Molly, Boogie, […]

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Anyone in Wellesley/Natick missing a Black Cat?

This friendly black kitty was found in the Morses Pond area this week suffering from an injured leg that’s now going to be operated on. We hear that following surgery, Wellesley Animal Control Officer Sue Webb will be bringing the cat to Stray Pets in Need (SPIN) in hopes that someone will claim him. 2015 Wellesley Halloween Happenings

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Hawk dines on Wellesley front lawn

Wellesley’s Steve Schwartz was kind enough to share this fantastic photo he took of a hawk munching down on a bunny on his family’s front lawn on Haven Road. Steve wrote: “This is not Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” He added that the hawk stayed all day.

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