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These Wellesley potholes could swallow a Yorkie

                              We recently encouraged Swellesley readers to send in photos of monster potholes on Wellesley’s streets (See “Beat that Wellesley pothole!”), and we’ve received a couple of good ones from Laura Winig, who collaborated with a Yorkshire Terrier named Coda, to […]

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Dogs sending a message on Wellesley trails

The Wellesley Trails Committee has posted a sign to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets on the Crosstown Trail at Turner Road. Meanwhile, some anonymous dogs have been posting signs of their own… RELATED: Guided Spring Walks begin May 2

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Wellesley offers free small animal handling/pet first aid training

Wellesley Health Department, Wellesley Free Library and Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Medicine for Pets on April 8 will present a program on Small Animal Handling and Pet First Aid Training. Presenter Amy Breton,  a board-certified veterinary technician, will teach participants how to address the most common pet emergencies, such as by finding a pulse/counting a heartbeat, […]

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Rogue tarantula contained at Wellesley High

The Wellesley High School Bradford news site reports on a scare at the school this month caused by a runaway tarantula that snuck into math class by hitching a ride in its owner’s coat. After the spider creeped out at least some of the owner’s classmates, the teacher and student combined to re-capture the beast. […]

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Wellesley town hall geese aren’t going anywhere

Reader CH shared these photos and wrote: “Out for a walk Monday and came across these geese who were planted in the sunny parking lot of town hall (duck pond below). They didn’t move or flinch as a car drove right by them. One was sleeping. It was a funny sight!”

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Wellesley dog rescue: The aftermath

Everyone is pleased that Cooper the Golden Doodle was rescued over the weekend from the icy Charles River near Elm Bank Reservation, and the Wellesley police and firefighters have been roundly congratulated. PETA even doled out a Compassionate Fire Department Award to the Wellesley Fire Department. But the incident did prompt some to urge dog owners to […]

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