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Pretty Wellesley kitties need a home

A heartbroken family that has tried everything to keep their beloved cats has recently had to face facts and move toward re-homing these two beauties. A serious allergic/asthmatic reaction in a family member, despite years of comprehensive treatment, makes it necessary to find a loving home for these cherished companions. Unfortunately, Wellesley’s Stray Pets in […]

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Siamese cat on the loose in Wellesley

                            Swellesley reader CharlotteS writes that her Sterling Road household’s 2-year-old Siamese cat slipped out the back door on Saturday night and hasn’t been seen since. The indoor cat is brown-and-white cat with blue eyes. If you have info on the kitty’s […]

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The return of Bob’s Bugs

It’s been a rather pathetic summer on the cool insects front in Wellesley for me, but here are a couple of unassuming moths that showed up recently on our front door and that I’ve identified with the help of the What’s This Bug section of Reddit, a hangout for entomologists. More in Bob’s Bugs. First up […]

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Deer gets hit by car in Wellesley on Rt. 16, is euthanized

The stretch of Route 16 that runs from Wellesley Square, past Blue Ginger, Saint Andrew’s Church, the Wellesley College Club and on into Natick, isn’t safe to cross even if you are a human experienced in such matters. Westbound commuters trying to get home to Dover and Sherborn aren’t keen on slowing down for pesky […]

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Paying it forward in Wellesley, with a rubber sock monkey duck

                        Swellesley reader ML wrote to us to say that when she came out of CVS on Linden Street over the weekend she found this little purple creature (which I believe is a sock monkey/duck) sitting on her car’s passenger side mirror. “I only noticed it […]

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Purple Alert: Anyone seen this toy bunny in Wellesley?

UPDATE (6/28): Mr. Purples has returned…Happy ending.   A Wellesley family that apparently spends a lot of time at grocery stores is seeking help finding their kid’s toy, Mr. Purples. The toy bunny appears to be plush and purple. Missing softie in #Wellesley Roche Bros or Whole Foods parking lots today. Help Mr. Purples come […]

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Wellesley birding walk report

Wellesley’s Michael Tobin sent along this report of the early morning birding walk held in Wellesley on June 17: About 16 enthusiastic guests joined Elissa Landre for an early morning bird viewing and walk of some of the Morses Pond and North 40 trails.  Ages ranged from 14 months and up.   Some of the […]

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Early birds to catch the birds at Wellesley walk

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