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Clock fixed: Time no longer standing still in Wellesley Square

                              When a Swellesley reader wrote to us last night asking if the powers that be at our esteemed operation knew “who to call to fix the Central Street clock that is only right 2x/day these days” we hopped right on it. […]

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Wellesley Square musical chairs, businesses moving here and there

The new year often brings a shift in Wellesley businesses coming or going or just moving and renovating, and 2016 has been no exception. Local businesses have been hard at work participating in the great communal task of Wellesley Square musical chairs for a host of reasons — because the coveted storefront over there has […]

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Wellesley Square shuffle: Toy Shop shimmies over one spot, Cocobeet moving in

Wellesley Toy Shop will have its grand re-opening on Wednesday at the 59 Central St. space where Wellesley Gift Shop previously operated. And moving into 57 Central St., where the Toy Shop was, will be Cocobeet, a juice bar-plus that currently has a location at City Hall Plaza in Boston. Andy Brown, 23-year owner of the […]

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MBTA says Winter Happens: Wellesley train user says… other stuff happens

Wellesley resident and regular commuter rail traveler Michael Kiernan says the MBTA would have been better off taking whatever  money and effort went into its new Winter Happens (But We Know You Still Need to Get There) advertising campaign and instead putting it into making sure trains show up when they are supposed to arrive. Even though winter has barely made an appearance, […]

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Wellesley Square’s Muna gift shop shutting down

Muna Gifts, the Wellesley Square gift shop opened around the start of 2014 by the owners of Cafe Mangal, is closing. The shop originally was located next to the restaurant, but moved to the opposite side of the road at 550 Washington St. The Ozargun family, via Muna, saved shoppers the trouble of traveling to Turkey by selecting […]

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Caffe Nero to open at historical Wellesley Hills railroad station

Here’s some welcome news regarding the recently vacated Wellesley Hills railroad station building: The Swellesley Report has learned that European coffeehouse Caffe Nero will be opening there as soon as this spring and it plans to do so with respect for the historically significant building. Wellesley residents expressed concern for what might become of the building when […]

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Bootstrap Compost service worms its way into Wellesley

BOOTSTRAP COMPOST SERVICE, UPDATE: We reported around this time last year that Bootstrap Compost service was trying to gain a foothold in Wellesley by getting a critical mass of customers signed up to make it worthwhile to do business here. With almost 20 customers ready to separate their kitchen fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps into […]

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Wellesley Square says goodbye Citibank, hello Webster Bank

As of Friday, Wellesley won’t have Citibank to kick around anymore. It’s always been good fun to bemoan Citibank’s boring presence in prime storefront Wellesley Square real estate. But now that they’re leaving, let’s take a minute to remember the fun times. Back in 2012, the company garnered community goodwill by inviting one and all […]

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