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Wellesley Square says goodbye Citibank, hello Webster Bank

As of Friday, Wellesley won’t have Citibank to kick around anymore. It’s always been good fun to bemoan Citibank’s boring presence in prime storefront Wellesley Square real estate. But now that they’re leaving, let’s take a minute to remember the fun times. Back in 2012, the company garnered community goodwill by inviting one and all […]

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Desperate Boston Globe sends reporters to Wellesley, elsewhere to deliver Sunday papers

The Boston Globe, which has been taking a beating by readers for failing to deliver papers this week in the wake of changing its distribution system, has sent reporters and editors into the wilds of Wellesley and Newton to toss the Sunday Globe onto subscribers’ doorsteps. Media watcher Dan Kennedy shared a union letter to staffers […]

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Wellesley among communities hit with Boston Globe delivery delays

UPDATE (1/1/16): The Boston Globe is on Day 5 now of its non-delivery of newspapers to many. The publication has finally come out of hiding and commented on the issues, to its own reporter, here. The Boston Globe seems to be subconsciously moving to an online-only publication model as it struggles to distribute papers this week following […]

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Businesses that came & went in Wellesley in 2015

The only predictable thing about the yearly changeover of some Wellesley shops and businesses is that it will happen. It’s anyone’s guess, and a somewhat popular parlor game in town, as to what will close and what will or should come in. This past year, the retail landscape’s significant changes were highlighted by the opening of […]

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Santa swamped at Wellesley Square post office

Santa’s beard isn’t quite as white as I recall it being, but you’d go gray too if you were working as hard as ol’ Kris Kringle is today at the Wellesley Square post office. (Thanks to a Swellesley reader for sharing this photo.) MORE: Christmas-time doings around Wellesley

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Annual Holiday rite: Lining up at Wellesley Cheese Shop

A Swellesley reader shared this photo with us today: A line of about 25 holiday shoppers waiting to get into Wasik’s (The Cheese Shop) in Wellesley Square a few minutes before the store’s 9AM opening. Apparently Amazon hasn’t decimated that industry yet! (While this roving photographer asked not to be given a photo credit, we’re very thankful […]

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Wellesley mom retrieves book deal

Wellesley mom Keri Boyle has always managed to keep herself career-minded and plenty active. But once one has conquered the presidencies of both the Hardy School PTO and the Wellesley Mother’s Forum, yet one’s salaried job plus the busy-ness of mothering/managing three kids seems hardly enough to fill the the gaping chasms of time in one’s […]

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Beyond Wellesley…The Concord Museum and a few places in Concord center

Our family loves books, and our family loves Christmas. During the years when picture books and story time ruled our house, we never missed a December visit out to the Concord Museum in historic Concord, MA to see how volunteers had filled the museum’s galleries with over 35 trees as tremendous as a towering specimen […]

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