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Wellesley RDF closed on Memorial Day

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Wellesley RDF wants you to collect kitchen scraps and rain

Also of interest… Here’s why Wellesley RDF ended plastic bag recycling Why Wellesley RDF is closed most Sundays

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Here’s why Wellesley RDF ended plastic bag recycling

On a recent trip to the Recycling and Disposal Facility, I was confronted with a sign letting me know that from now on, plastic bags had been downgraded from a recyclable to a trash item. The devil on my left shoulder said, “Good. That’s one less thing to sort and another corner of the garage reclaimed,” […]

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Wellesley takes its spring cleaning seriously

The  Recycling and Disposal Facility will collect all those pesticides, fertilizers, old medicine, and other nastiness that, with good reason, you haven’t dared to simply toss into the trash compacter, on Sunday, May 3, 9am – 3pm. There are limits, however.  You can’t bring your ammunition, fireworks, radioactive material, and other scary-sounding items to the dump. […]

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Give-and-Take area to reopen

It’s time to finally get rid of all that stuff that’s been hanging around in your basement or garage all winter, too good to toss in the dumpster, not good enough for quality people such as yourselves. You may consider it this close to trash, but chances are it will get scooped up fast as […]

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Wellesley dump talks trash

UPDATE: This event has been postponed until April 16 Garbology 101: Talking Trash with the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility Wednesday, February 11      Wednesday, February 11 9:00 – 11:00 am DPW Training Room 20 Municipal Way A free workshop—open to the public—followed by an optional tour of the RDF From cardboard to hazardous waste, […]

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Wellesley dump closed Tuesday due to storm

The Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility will be closed on Tuesday Jan 27 due to the impending storm. Check for other town closings and updates here.

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Sustainable Wellesley is greener than thou

Sustainable Wellesley, a volunteer organization that is all about recycling, living without pesticides, and moving toward clean energy, has a good-looking updated website.  The group, whose mission is to engage the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability, encourages big and small changes on a road toward increasing energy […]

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