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Questions swirl around Wellesley High seniors’ schedules

Inquiries started trickling into our Swellesley email box at the start of June about whether the new Evolutions program at Wellesley High School was somehow mucking up course scheduling for seniors not taking part in the program. Terms such as “major SNAFU” and “disastrous” were being used, and questions were raised about juniors and seniors […]

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Pranked: Wellesley High seniors show off their domesticated side

A bit of a delayed reaction here, but we understand those rascally graduating seniors recently found a good use for that circle of plants and commemorative bricks that always seems to be coned off in front of Wellesley High School: They converted it into a makeshift living room that we hear even WHS administration took time to enjoy.

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2001: The last time Wellesley High’s faculty speech was delivered by a woman

Wellesley High School social studies teacher Dr. Stephanie Cacace turned a few heads last Friday (and prompted a text to our house from an observer) during her graduation speech when she mentioned being the first woman faculty member to deliver the address “in quite some time.” She went on to say “The last woman to speak […]

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Wellesley High School Class of 2015 graduation: The video

Wellesley Media is now making the Wellesley High School Class of 2015 graduation ceremony available on demand. Here you go:

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Wellesley High baseball not only had to deal with Mansfield, but with the One Man Thrillride too

Wellesley High’s baseball team got knocked out of the playoffs 8-5 vs. Mansfield today after finishing the regular season on a real roll. This guy, an “independent pro wrestler” who goes by the name One Man Thrillride and who calls our town “Swellesley,” saw it coming:

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Wellesley High grads told: Life’s unfair, so do something about it

(Update 6/8/15: You can watch this speech as well at about the 41:30 mark of this video) Here’s the transcript from the Faculty Speech delivered by Dr. Stephanie Cacace, a six-year veteran of the Wellesley High School Social Studies Department, at today’s graduation ceremony: To Dr. Lussier, Dr. Chisum, Mrs. Novogroski, Mr. Bender, and Mr. Kelton… To […]

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Congratulations Wellesley High Class of 2015

My kids! Proud teacher–congrats! — S Khan (@MsKhanEnglish) June 6, 2015 Graduation! — David Lussier (@WellesleySupt) June 5, 2015 Dr.Cacace – you're my hero!!! Congrats class of 2015!!! #getswinging — Emily Gordon (@WHS_MSGORDON) June 5, 2015 Among the celebs in the crowd: Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch (pink tie, to right of son […]

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Wellesley High’s David McCullough writes special op-ed for The Globe

Wellesley High School’s own David McCullough, an English teacher there, wrote an op-ed piece for The Boston Globe today to dish out advice to those who would be graduation bloviators, or commencement speakers as they are more commonly known. Sagely, he notes that “Speakers would like to be profound but accessible, wise but entertaining, timeless […]

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