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Wellesley High grads told: Life’s unfair, so do something about it

(Update 6/8/15: You can watch this speech as well at about the 41:30 mark of this video) Here’s the transcript from the Faculty Speech delivered by Dr. Stephanie Cacace, a six-year veteran of the Wellesley High School Social Studies Department, at today’s graduation ceremony: To Dr. Lussier, Dr. Chisum, Mrs. Novogroski, Mr. Bender, and Mr. Kelton… To […]

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Congratulations Wellesley High Class of 2015

My kids! Proud teacher–congrats! — S Khan (@MsKhanEnglish) June 6, 2015 Graduation! — David Lussier (@WellesleySupt) June 5, 2015 Dr.Cacace – you're my hero!!! Congrats class of 2015!!! #getswinging — Emily Gordon (@WHS_MSGORDON) June 5, 2015 Among the celebs in the crowd: Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch (pink tie, to right of son […]

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Wellesley High’s David McCullough writes special op-ed for The Globe

Wellesley High School’s own David McCullough, an English teacher there, wrote an op-ed piece for The Boston Globe today to dish out advice to those who would be graduation bloviators, or commencement speakers as they are more commonly known. Sagely, he notes that “Speakers would like to be profound but accessible, wise but entertaining, timeless […]

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Wellesley Field Fund: This is our turf!

The Wellesley Field Fund, a private fundraising effort focused on the renovation of the sports field and surrounding track near Wellesley High School, is getting ready to make its pitch. The Fund will combine with financial commitments from the Town of Wellesley and the Community Preservation Committee  to support the widening of the Wellesley High School field, installation […]

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Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” at Wellesley High this week

Bookending Wellesley High’s graduation ceremony on Friday, the school’s Drama Society closes its season with William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors,”  on Thursday, June 4 and Saturday, June 6. One of Shakespeare’s earliest works, this play is known for its slapstick humor and witty dialogue but also has a deeper message, presenting themes of alienation and the search for […]

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Wellesley High Sailing team just can’t stay out of the water

The Wellesley High School sailing team washed up a steady stream of cars on Saturday at Hardy School to support a good cause: their team.

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Wellesley High senior to perform at Symphony Hall on June 2

Congratulations to Wellesley High School Senior Katie Scholl, a talented young flutist who is grand prize winner of the Young Artists Competition. Among her rewards is getting perform at the Boston Pops show on June 2 at Symphony Hall at 8pm. Scholl trains at Boston Flute Academy.m

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Whew! Wellesley High survives paper shortage

We in Wellesley generally don’t go wanting for many material things, but an exception to that truism recently took place at Wellesley High School, which ran into a paper shortage. Of course the trouble with tracking down this sort of story is that there is no paper trail. But there were plenty of students talking about […]

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